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Abletec AMS1000-2600 D-Amp

Again I was able to participate in a group buy of these nice modules on the German diy-hifi-forum. Based on these modules I bilt a stereo amp to play with. There is the technical data from the manufacturer site:

  • 2x500W into 2ohms at 1% THD
  • 900W BLT into 4ohms at 1% THD
  • Patented AMS (Adaptive Modulation Servo) amplifier technology
  • Almost flat THD versus frequency plot
  • 115dB dynamic range
  • Automatic voltage doubler for universal mains
  • Meets EuP and EnergyStar requirements
  • CE approved
  • +/- 17V DC AUX outputs
  • AUX output for hanger channel


AMS1000-2600 manual here…


The AMS modules are the successors of the ALC modules. Comparison of the THD figues made me curios. High frequencies seem to have lower THD:


Here are some pics of my built:

For the enclosure I choose the Galaxy Maggio Rato GX283 230x230mm. On the pics I still had a potentiometer in the line to the LED since it was way to bright. In the meantime I replaced it for a fixed resistor (27K) so that the LED just glows.

img-1 img-1 img-1img-1 img-1


I soldered the contactors for CON1: The crimp section I bent with a flat nose pliers around a fixing pin. Then I soldered the braid with a 1mm iron and 0,5mm solder. What a mess – their tiny size sould not be underestimated. Took me an hour to solder these eight connectors.


Next time I’d buy loose contactors with crimped cables. They can be bought at

  • 748462-62 Braid with crimped connector (8 pcs. required for both inputs and LED)
  • 740136-62 Housing 4 pole(for LED; 1 pcs. required)
  • 740169-62 Housing 6 pole(for the L+R inputs; 1 pcs. required)

Just as reference (speaker connector CON3) which I also soldered:

  • 741651-62 Crimp connector (4 pcs. required)
  • 741592-62 Housing (1 pcs. required)

The amp gets only barely warm during operation. No plopp sound when switching on/off.